a better hair day


lolo• hair stylist | head honcho 

Lolo’s Hair Design is a dream come true fueled by passion. Founded in September of 2004 by owner Lori Hundley aka ‘Lolo,’ the salon is located in Seattle’s historic Central Building, at 810 3rd Avenue, accessible from Marion Street between Third and Fourth avenues. After working in Downtown Seattle for years, Lori decided to set up a shop of her own. Thanks to Ali, Greg, her family and friends, Lolo’s Hair Design became a reality.

Born in Washington and raised in Seattle, Lori began utilizing her flair for fashion at a young age. She has traveled the United States and the world for both work and pleasure. Lori worked for Farouk Systems USA for five years as an educator and regional trainer and also as a member of the Gym Grooming Global Stylist team.

She has worked on stage, behind the scenes and as a stylist at prestigious events such as the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant in Los Angeles. But when you are with Lori, you feel like you are the most important person in the world, and to her you are. Lori’s goal was to create a place where clients come to feel grounded and refreshed, a spot where smiles and good cheer prevail. Her friendly attitude and good-natured approach are effective and contagious.

Lori has managed to create a community within her business. One of Lori’s goals is to surround herself with people who make her better. When asked if she succeeded, she says, “Absolutely!” This is why Lolo’s has been able to thrive as a referral salon, where most clients come by word of mouth. ”Good people referring good people,” Lori says. Lori promises to remember each day why she is where she is—her clients. Her goal is to reciprocate daily the love and gratitude she is shown, building Lolo’s Hair Design on respect and customer service.

Since the day she opened Lori has helped hundreds of clients have a better hair day. Come in to Lolo’s and experience the difference!


tiffany• makeup | master aesthetician 

I am a Certified Makeup Artist and Master Aesthetician. I have spent the last ten years working up and down the West Coast, from Washington to Southern California, Las Vegas and beyond. My experience has given me the opportunity to learn how to work with every face shape, color, tone, and skin type out there. My journey began with MAC Cosmetics at Nordstrom which taught me not only about artistry, but about delivering excellent service while always remaining flexible and positive.

I strive to choose colors and pigments that not only match a client’s skin, but his or her personality and style. I understand all the elements needed to create “photo-ready makeup,” and recognize how makeup will be affected by the setting, camera techniques, lighting, exposure and different film stocks.

In 2014, I got my Master Esthetician license so I could work on my clients skin making it look its best before makeup is even applied. I saw a gap in the industry between makeup artistry and skincare and I wanted my company to be a bridge, especially when it comes to bridal makeup and skincare. Learning lash extensions was the last piece so I could make someone look and feel amazing from the moment they woke up with perfect skin and lashes, then adding the makeup element for the “wow factor”. My clients truly get a full beauty consultation with me which makes Sweet P different.

Sweet P Beauty’s services come with a personal touch from the heart. When you hire me, you can trust that I will never be late, and I will always be ready to listen to your needs and create the beauty look of your dreams.